Contractor Safety Management Program


The Contractor Safety Management Program is a package for employers who hire and manage subcontractors. The Contractor Safety Management Program following a Pre-Work / During Work / Post Work lifecycle approach to ensure subcontractors are adequately managed throughout the entire work process.

This program assists companies with:

  • Requesting contractors required H&S documents
  • Providing instructions and expectations to hired contractors
  • Managing a list of approved contractors
  • Reviewing and documenting contractors success, post work


Product Details

Document Type: Program Element

Document Code: ADD000001

File Type: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Sector: Generic

Documents Included:

    1. Program Element: Contractor Safety Management Program
    2. Form: Contractor Health and Safety Questionnaire
    3. Form: Post-Work Contractor H&S Review
    4. Tool: Contractor H&S Expectations Document
    5. Tool: Contractor H&S Document Audit